Swimming Pool Services & Maintenance


Beautiful pools need attention and care.  Let Corfu Energy Experts make pool ownership a simple pleasure.  By taking advantage of our service and maintenance options you can enjoy your pool with total peace of mind.

We offer a complete range of swimming pool services including maintenance, repair, refurbishment and water  treatment service at a competitive rate, but it is the level of service we provide, where we really excel.  Our experienced and well trained team pride themselves on delivering outstanding customer care. 

  Taking care of your pool even if we did not undertake the construction, is a field we consider  ourselves experts in. 

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Swimming Pool Servicing & Maintenance Plans

Take the stress out of managing your swimming pool by signing up to one of our annual plans…

Corfu Energy Experts specialise in Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance Plans, giving you total peace of mind . We will ensure that your pool is being looked after properly , allowing you the time to sit back and relax and enjoy using your pool or spa system.

Corfu Energy Experts can create bespoke service and maintenance plans for your pool and budget. We also offer a wide range of service plans to suit your needs.

Our experienced engineers will ensure your pool is in excellent condition with crystal clear water so that you can spend the maximum time enjoying your pool rather than worrying about its condition. 

Whilst keeping your pool clean and safe is important, the costs associated with having it done are important also. This is why we have affordable maintenance plans available for almost every budget.


Open and close your pool easily

Whether the pool season is over, or the fun is just beginning, properly opening and closing your pool is an important step in pool maintenance. While you can try to open and close your pool yourself, not calling a professional is a risky decision that can cause major swimming pool repair problems.

The specialist pool technicians at Corfu Energy Experts know how to get the party started, or shut down for the season, quickly and efficiently.

Our team has more than 15  years of experience in pool maintenance, remodelling and repair. 

We have  a variety of pool maintenance services  and packages to ensure you can enjoy your summer and prepare for the winter.

Closing  your Pool (Winterise)

  Winter is coming so its time to start thinking about closing (Winterising) your pool. Usually people choose to  Winterise their pool between September and  November  depending on their heating option.

  Winterising needs to be done thoroughly and correctly in order to protect your pool against frost, algae and debris.

  Our Winterise service consists of: Cleaning, Protecting Pipes, Draining filter and Pump, Storing Solar Cover, Shock Chlorination and Wintertime Algaecide and setting up Winter Cover and much more.

Opening your pool ( Summerise)

  We want to help you get your pool up and running  so that you and your guests can  enjoy your pool for the start of the season.

  Our Summerise service consists of:   Remove and fold cover, equipment and wall fittings, Reassemble pool equipment and turn on system, Inspect for any issues around the pool and equipment, Brush pool wall and tile line, Complete water test and add chemicals (please note Chemicals  are not included and incur an additional fee).

Please Contact Us in advance to arrange opening/ closing of your pool or spa.

Basic Service Includes:

  • Vacuum pool at each visit
  • Skim water surface to remove floating debris
  • Clean skimmer and pump basket.
  • Brush down walls and tile as needed.
  • Maintain filter area in clean condition.
  • Test water chemistry.
  • Adjust water chemistry-add chemicals as needed. ( Chemicals not included and incur additional charge)
  • Backwash filter as needed.

Additional maintenance is carried out  according to your chosen  plan.

Corfu Energy Experts also offer pre-planned preventative maintenance plans for any commercial swimming pool an spa. For more information please Contact Us  for a quotation.

With regular servicing, Corfu Energy Experts will reduce the amount of times you have equipment breakdowns and will help to bring down overall running costs. Filters and Pumps, pipe work and valves, Chemical Dosing systems and Water Quality should all be examined for problems/faults and signs of failure on a regular basis.

Should you encounter any faults or breakdowns our expert team will be on hand to get you back up and running as soon as possible, minimising the disruption to you and your guests.

  • Seasonal pool opening Summerise (April – June)
  • Seasonal pool closure Winterisation (Sept-November)
  • Check and Balance Service (Water treatment and equipment care without cleaning)

All packages are tailored to meet individual requirements of the customer and the pool or spa and surrounding areas

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