Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

We know how frustrating it is when your Spa or Hot Tub fails, and that is why our expert team breakdown repair service offers the quickest overall process to get your spa  or hot  tub warm and bubbly again.

   An important part of making sure your Spa or hot tub runs properly is to have a regular service. This provides peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your spa has been professionally cleaned and every working aspect inspected and function checked for performance.

  When purchasing a spa, you’re investing in your downtime – and nothing kills your sense of serenity like a malfunctioning spa.  Just as with any other piece of machinery, it’s important to invest in regular maintenance for your spa. Over time debris can build up, pipes can become rough and contaminated, and electronics can be worn down. Your hot tub doesn’t have to get this way. Regular TLC from our experts can keep your spa fresh and functioning as long as possible.  To keep your spa running smoothly over the course of its life, we recommend choosing a monthly or quarterly service. Early detection  and resolution of problems is key to a healthy Spa.

Whilst we are able to offer a variety of maintenance plans, We know that no situation is the same. You might have an attached swimming pool, complicated wiring, or another circumstance that requires a customised maintenance plan. Should that be the case, we’re more than happy to discuss your requirements and come up with the perfect plan that meets your needs.

Whether you want a service & maintenance package or just a once-over, we’re here to inspect and correct your Spa or Hot  Tub.

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Due a service? Hot Tub not heating? Got a Leak? Need an upgrade? We’re equipped for every kind of breakdown. We stock parts for a variety of Spa’s and Hot Tubs and  if we do not have the specific part available , we can order it in. With more than 15 years experience , our expert team will have your Spa or Hot Tub up and running as quickly as possible.

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