Water treatment



Water treatment is vital to the longevity of pool equipment, for the care of the pool environment as well as bather comfort.  Corfu Energy Experts can guide you through the options available to assist in the water treatment of your pool.

Water treatment and ensuring correct chemical dosing is vital not only for safety but also for water clarity. Corfu Energy Experts  offer a wide range of services which will help you to keep your pool water in perfect condition.

How to look after the water will depend on the type of equipment being used, for example whether it is residential or commercial, an outdoor pool or spa. Different volumes of water require different amounts and strengths of chemicals.

Variations also occur due to the chemical system used such as a chlorine, bromine, salt water or active oxygen. Different people prefer different systems for numerous reasons, some prefer a more natural form of sanitation and therefore may choose a salt water pool or active oxygen system.

The water clarification system has numerous parts which will all require maintenance and occasional work to keep it working efficiently.

Keeping up to date with filter media changes and dosing will keep you water clean, free of harmful pathogens and beautifully clear.

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